Stefanie Geerts

9000 GHENT, BE
+32 496 93 33 46

Portret Moi 424050 A


Stefanie Geerts was born in Ghent in 1979. She always wanted to learn a profession, a métier in which she could excel. Most of all, she wanted to create with light and that’s why she studied photography at the Narafi in Brussels . Stefanie initially wanted to become a fashion photographer, but through the years, still life photography became her true passion. Working around and exploring a single object in a profound way. The combination of form, color and light is very important in all of Stefanie’s artwork. She tries to look at things in a different way, making links that have never been considered before. Much of the distinct character she achieves is made through playing with light using new technologies.


Bacardi – Francqcolors – McDonald's – La Lorraine – Filliers – Maes – Marie Jo – Poppies – Cidre Ruwet – Hapkin – Samsonite – Origin'O – BMW – Aldi – Prima Donna – Albert Heijn – Paschka – Mayerline – Elisa Lee – Biotona – Chocolatier M – Pomax – Rodania Watches – Delirium – Saforelle – EMPWR – Miradry – Brouwerij Boon – Caths Belgium – Mublo – Zusto – Save The Queen – …


° 1979 – Graduated at NaRaFi Brussels in 2000 – working with PhaseOne P40+

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